DMV Certified Auto Appraiser

Learn how to be a DMV Certified Auto Appraiser
Certified auto appraisers value vehicles for many purposes. Donation Appraisals, Insurance Appraisals and for Arbitration purposes are just a few reasons.
Our training begins with the VIN verification process and continues with methods to evaluate the potential value of a particular vehicle.
We teach the auto appraiser how to evaluate the wholesale & retail values of a particular vehicle and how to document similar vehicles for comparison.
The production of a presentable appraisal document via our appraisal template is included in our training.
DMV Certified Dealer Education Instructors since 1998. Visit
Text Azita Rezaei with your photo ID to begin the process of becoming a DMV Certified Auto Appraiser.415-730-3137.
Auto Appraisal Package starts at $ 895. per person.